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General Assembly I (Disarmament and Security)
I. Bio Terrorism
II.The question of ownership of resources and the demilitarization of the Arctic Circle
General Assembly II (Economic and Financial)
I. Role of private stake holders in developing economies
II.Rural development as a means to stimulate emigration to rural areas and alleviate urban poverty

General Assembly III (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)
I. Right of peace keeping troops in disturbed areas.
II. Measures to protect threatened natural areas and world heritage sites

I. Religious extremism in Middle East.
II.The question of refugees in the Mediterranean: threats to stability and security
Economic and Social Council
I. Enabling peace fairly with special emphasis on public facilities
II.Educating women and girls as a tool for sustainable development
Human Rights Council
I. Rights of civilians in areas under the state of emergency.
II.The right to privacy in the digital age.
United Nations Development Programme
I. Universal access to modern energy for the poor.
II. Improving Sustainable Forest Management Practices.
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